Monday, 15 June 2015

Picture Wall Inspiration

I have Pinterest to blame for my new love of picture walls! If i could,I would have every wall plastered in photographs of family,friends & good times along with the occasional quote & wall decor. I have started gathering frames,pictures & quotes but it may take some time before I am ready to hang them on my wall. So here are a few of the pretty pictures I have been pinning to my "photo wall inspo" board :) 
I have found alot of websites offering free artwork too which i shall link below the appropiate images as I have found this very handy in building up my picture collection & there is always something for everyone! I find that alot of things can also be created yourself if you have the time & patience to do it! That way it also makes it more personal.

Free printables of the Arrows,Pineapple can be found here along with some tips & tricks!

I love the idea of these picture frame shelves! I believe Ikea sell them along with many other homeware shops!

 Another load of free printables are available here!

I hope this post gave you some inspiration if you're looking to create your own photo wall! I think they just add a unique feel to your home. I'd love to see some of your walls and please feel free to share some things you have found to help make yours :)
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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Making the most of our sunny evenings.

So after my blogpost on Sunday about our lovely day out enjoying some sunshine, we decided to head back to Polzeath to enjoy the sunset. Breaking Bad can wait for a rainy evening!
We decided we wanted to try & get some timelapse videos so we did a little test shoot as I haven't done a timelapse since college & they take some practice! We also took a few pictures on self timer which are always fun when you have to run to get into the picture within 10 seconds :')

Monday was another beautiful day & I had such a good day at work! You know its going to be a good week when your Monday starts off good! :) We decided to head out again Monday evening but this time to Rock. Again,we wanted to some timelapse shots & it was also nice just to have a walk around the sand dunes,beats sitting in front of the tv! We found an awesome spot in some sand dunes where we sat for a few hours taking photo's of the sunset. I had 'The Rosie Effect' in my bag as it is the book I am reading at the moment so I sat there watching the sunset,listening to the waves & watching the tide & boats come in whilst engrossed in my book. Such a perfect way to spend an evening! :) 
Keep your eyes out in the next few weeks for some timelapse videos & hopefully this weather continues! 

Who else has been reading 'The Rosie Project' books? I have fallen in love with Don & Rosie & I cant help but find myself laughing out loud whilst reading these books! 
Have any of you got any tips on timelapse photography? I'd love to see your videos too! :)

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunny Sunday.

There's nothing better than a sunny Sunday spent walking along the beach or exploring little towns & villages. Living in Cornwall I am lucky to have so many places like this to visit & I really should do it more often. Now that the weather is getting better (finally!) I hope to be spending my days off exploring & taking pictures alot more!
Today my Mum & Alf visited us so we decided to take a trip to Port Isaac which is a small picturesque fishing village in North Cornwall. It has become very well known over the past few years as it is where the popular TV series Doc Martin was filmed. I haven't watched it myself but visiting there today made me really interested to start watching it! Is it on Netflix? ;)
Unfortunately we failed & didn't end up taking any pictures whilst we were here & didn't even take a picture of our cream tea! What a failure! 

We then moved onto Polzeath to get some food in the Oyster Catcher which is becoming quite frequent lately! We decided to grab a table outside & make the most of the sunshine,trying to ignore the wind! ;) We all went for burgers as their burgers are just amazing! This time I went for the Halloumi burger as I have a slight obsession with it at the moment! 
After we had been fed & watered we took a walk down onto the beach & even had a paddle! It may be the first one this year actually! We then grabbed a lemonade in the Waterfront Cafe & headed back home where we chilled & then said goodbye to my Mum & Alf.

I am now sat typing this with a very red nose from the sun,about to put some jacket potatoes on for tea & relax with Jon watching the rest of Breaking Bad for the night.
A perfect Sunday in my eyes! :)  

How did you spend your Sunday?! :) 
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The MEAT Tour.

I'm someone who has never missed a McFly tour,I have lost count how many times I have seen them live so please dont ask me! :') I saw McBusted in Bournemouth last year & then again for their Hyde Park gig which was such an amazing experience & I am so glad I was there to share it with them! 
When they announced that they were heading out on tour again this year,I ovbiously had to get tickets! 
I have been known before to go to at least 3 of the dates on a Mcfly tour but this time I decided to spend a bit more money (lets not talk about how much) & upgrade to the OMFG zone so I could only afford one ticket this time but it meant being at the front & not having to que for over 24 hours to get to the front. Yes I have done that many times! If you want to be in front of your favourite people then that's what you have to do im afraid! :') 

We decided to get tickets for the Bournemouth date as it was the closest to us,apart from Cardiff but Bournemouth is so much nicer! 

Here are my pictures from the weekend, all were taken by me. Please do not steal them,ask before using them,thank you! :) 

I have to start with these pictures which were taken the day after the gig. I've met the McFly boys a few times,was even lucky enough to party with them back in 2007 till 4am,but thats a different story.
Matt Willis however,i have waited over 11 years for this moment! He was definitely as nice as people say,maybe even more so! My love for him just got bigger! I was cheeky & asked him for 2 pictures just incase the polaroid didnt come out ;)

Now onto the gig pictures! I used my good ole faithful "gig camera" which I accidentally stole from 6th form in like 2007 :') If anyone is interested in which camera I was using please feel free to ask in the comments as I need to look up the exact model! :)
Please check out my Flickr where pictures from previous tours can be found! :)

Have any of you been to the McBusted tour this year? What were your thoughts? :)
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Monday, 6 April 2015

Asos Delivery!

Okay so,I was feeling down one evening & started scrolling through Asos,which is always a bad idea! I think I did quite well in only ordering 4 items considering my saved items are like pages long! 
My delivery arrived today about an hour before finishing work,definitely made Good Friday a good day! ;) 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Busy Bee!


 Hi friends!
I apologize now for my lack of blogging,I haven't blogged since January!
The reason for this is that I have been a very busy bee growing up!
I started a new job the end of January which is always crazy at first,I have started working at my friends mum's clothes shop which is called 'Contrast' & can be found in Wadebridge! Come check it out if you're ever about in Wadebridge,its all affordable clothing with some clothes even coming from New Look,Topshop,Asos etc! 

Me & my boyfriend also started looking for flats in Feb & after a few bad ones & some amazing ones which we fell in love with then got sad when they went.. We managed to find one that we both loved as soon as we entered the place! It is above where I work which is amazing for me,i literally roll out of bed! ;) 
I wish i had chance to blog more with these massive changes occurring so i could have it all documented! But hey,im a grown up now & have to do fun things like housework during my spare time! Maybe the occasional homeware shop too ;)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Wintery Beach Walk.

These pictures were taken back in November but I have only just uploaded them to my mac,oops!

It was a crisp,fresh winters day which is my favorite type of weather,when the sun is out but you still have to wrap up extra warm because its freezing. It was a Sunday too which is even better so we decided to head out for a walk,living in Cornwall we are spoilt for choice over different beaches etc to have a walk around. 
Firstly we headed to Mawgan Porth beach where we got caught in a horrendous downpour whilst walking across the beach! We found shelter in a cave & then rang back to the car to avoid another soaking,stopping off in one of the little beach huts to get a good 'ole Cornish pasty & sausage roll first of course! ;)

Next up we stopped off at Harlyn Bay which is definitely one of my favourite beaches although its best to avoid it in the summer because of the masses of people & ridiculous parking prices. Just go in the winter,the parking is free & its not super busy! We had a walk along the beach & then headed up along the coastal path where you get some amazing views. I spent a good 15 minutes sat on a bench on the cliff edge watching the surfers in the freezing waters & the waves crashing against the rocks whilst Jon went off exploring! 

We then went to Padstow,had a walk around the shops & stopped for an ice cream. By this time it was starting to get dark & the rain was in for the night so we then headed home! 

Have any of you visited these places or planning to this year? 
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