Monday, 6 April 2015

Asos Delivery!

Okay so,I was feeling down one evening & started scrolling through Asos,which is always a bad idea! I think I did quite well in only ordering 4 items considering my saved items are like pages long! 
My delivery arrived today about an hour before finishing work,definitely made Good Friday a good day! ;) 

The items I ordered:

After trying everything on I only ended up keeping the Jelly Shoe's! Everything else was either too big or too small! Nightmare! Why can't I order everything in a size 10-12 & it fit me? I have ended up exchanging the Denim Dress for a size 10 as the size 12 was too big & the Cross Back Skater Dress I have had to exchange for a size 14,how does that work?! It looked lovely from the front (as seen in picture below) but from the back,the arms were just a bit too tight! I think getting the size 14 may not fit as nice because of the open back but we shall see! :) The Laser Cut Dolly Shoes were out of stock in the size down so I decided to just get a refund,probably the best thing to do as I have no-where to store shoes at the mo!

What's currently on your Asos wishlist?! 
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