Thursday, 23 April 2015

The MEAT Tour.

I'm someone who has never missed a McFly tour,I have lost count how many times I have seen them live so please dont ask me! :') I saw McBusted in Bournemouth last year & then again for their Hyde Park gig which was such an amazing experience & I am so glad I was there to share it with them! 
When they announced that they were heading out on tour again this year,I ovbiously had to get tickets! 
I have been known before to go to at least 3 of the dates on a Mcfly tour but this time I decided to spend a bit more money (lets not talk about how much) & upgrade to the OMFG zone so I could only afford one ticket this time but it meant being at the front & not having to que for over 24 hours to get to the front. Yes I have done that many times! If you want to be in front of your favourite people then that's what you have to do im afraid! :') 

We decided to get tickets for the Bournemouth date as it was the closest to us,apart from Cardiff but Bournemouth is so much nicer! 

Here are my pictures from the weekend, all were taken by me. Please do not steal them,ask before using them,thank you! :) 

I have to start with these pictures which were taken the day after the gig. I've met the McFly boys a few times,was even lucky enough to party with them back in 2007 till 4am,but thats a different story.
Matt Willis however,i have waited over 11 years for this moment! He was definitely as nice as people say,maybe even more so! My love for him just got bigger! I was cheeky & asked him for 2 pictures just incase the polaroid didnt come out ;)

Now onto the gig pictures! I used my good ole faithful "gig camera" which I accidentally stole from 6th form in like 2007 :') If anyone is interested in which camera I was using please feel free to ask in the comments as I need to look up the exact model! :)
Please check out my Flickr where pictures from previous tours can be found! :)

Have any of you been to the McBusted tour this year? What were your thoughts? :)
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