Thursday, 2 April 2015

Busy Bee!


 Hi friends!
I apologize now for my lack of blogging,I haven't blogged since January!
The reason for this is that I have been a very busy bee growing up!
I started a new job the end of January which is always crazy at first,I have started working at my friends mum's clothes shop which is called 'Contrast' & can be found in Wadebridge! Come check it out if you're ever about in Wadebridge,its all affordable clothing with some clothes even coming from New Look,Topshop,Asos etc! 

Me & my boyfriend also started looking for flats in Feb & after a few bad ones & some amazing ones which we fell in love with then got sad when they went.. We managed to find one that we both loved as soon as we entered the place! It is above where I work which is amazing for me,i literally roll out of bed! ;) 
I wish i had chance to blog more with these massive changes occurring so i could have it all documented! But hey,im a grown up now & have to do fun things like housework during my spare time! Maybe the occasional homeware shop too ;)

Here are a few pictures taken from our move & some of the pretty things I have been buying! 
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This is where you will find more of my day to day life as taking a picture & uploading to Instagram doesnt take up as much time as writing a blog! ;)
Look out for some homeware hauls on here or maybe just on the Instagram if i have no spare time :) 

 Have any of you gotten a new job or moved into a new flat this year?! 
Are any of you visiting Wadebridge this Easter weekend? :) 
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