Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Moving into my boyfriends house in a new town!

These past few weeks have been a little bit crazy for me as I have managed to get a job in Wadebridge which means I shall be moving down to my boyfriends house with his parents soon! Exciting/scary stuff!

I have been spending my free time sorting my entire belongings out and deciding what to take to Jon's & what to leave at home until we find a place of our own. This proves difficult when you're someone who doesn't like parting with things! 
We have also been busy sorting Jon's room out ready for me to move in & takeover his room with girly things! After sorting out his junk cupboard and painting it along with buying some storage boxes and fabric to hide them it is now complete with my handy fabric drawers which hold so much in! 
I have managed to part with some things & have put them up on Ebay which can be found here.

Its just a case of waiting for my start date now & then its savesavesave so we can eventually move into our own place which i'm so excited about! 

I will probably do another post,possibly some kind of room tour to show you guys how we transformed his room into our room with just a few little changes :)

Have any of you moved into your boyfriends parents house? How was it for you? Or are any of you thinking about it? I'd love to chat with you!! :) 
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