Thursday, 28 August 2014

Xoxo Gossip Girl

Okay,so i know im really far behind on this but for the last few months i have been watching gossip girl and have finally finished it this week!


I cannot believe Dan is Gossip Girl?! I also cannot believe that I have managed to not find this out one way or another! 
I fell in love with every character and honestly thought I was living in their world sometimes! When Bart Bass came back from the dead I found myself wanting to tell everyone & even thought I heard them announce it on the news! :')  I just felt everyone knew who they were like it was the real world! :') 
Im so sad I have watched it all,i'm definitely going to watch it again in a few months time!
I banned myself from typing gossip girl on the internet so I wouldnt ruin it for myself so now I am going crazy on Pinterest.  I will leave you with some of the things i have pinned! :)

What series should I watch now?! Need something to waste my days off with! 
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