Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bristol Clothes Shopping.

So this post is a bit delayed,sorry about that! I've been busy with sorting my life out! I now have a new job which I will be starting soon & moving down to Wadebridge with Jon. Exciting stuff! 
Anyway,here are the clothes I bought whilst away on a spa trip with two of my best friends. These purchases,along with the overall trip left me skint all month but it was definitely worth it! 

If you have seen my July Wishlist you will of seen that I was after a denim skater skirt so when I saw this one in Oasis I had to get it! I know I could've got it cheaper elsewhere but Oasis clothes are definitely worth the money as they last for ages! This is something that can also be worn all year round,no matter what the weather! 

Again with this I knew I could've got it cheaper elsewhere but I just loved how light and floaty it feels! The skirt is so thin & is exactly what I was looking for at the time as England was going through a heatwave! I was a little dissapointed however when I noticed the skirt had ripped at the top where its joined onto the top,nothing a little sewing cant fix but after paying so much for it I wasn't happy & I had only worn it once! I had chucked my receipt away a day or so before so can't return it!
This can also be worn all year round by teaming it with a pair of tights,boots & a denim jacket. 

Dress - Zara £12.99

Unfortunately I am unable to find this on the Zara website as it was in the sale! I have been after a blue dress like this for agessss so grabbed it as soon as I saw it. The straps need adjusting a little as they seem far too long! I can't wait to wear this on a night out when one comes about! :) 

What have you guys been buying this month?!
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