Tuesday, 22 July 2014

TRESemme 7 Day Smooth System Review!

1: Apply a generous amount of the shampoo to wet hair & then follow with the conditioner & leave it on for 2-3 minutes.
2: Towel dry hair & then apply approx 8-10 pumps (for medium length hair) of the heat activated treatment & then comb it through. 
 3: Blow dry hair completely for the best results. 
4: Straighten hair to activate the thermal technology, divide into small sections & use your straighteners on their highest setting. Repeat 3-5 times over each section. 

Annnnd voila! Smooth straight hair!

After 5 days with just using the shampoo & conditioner,none of the heat activated treatment which they say lasts 7 days between washes... It was still smooth & straight!!


My hair being naturally curly & frizzy,I am always on the look out for new hair products to tame the frizz. Although I have just recently started wearing my hair curly I still like to tame the frizz! The weather has been getting warmer so I have been straightening my hair more as I get to warm with my mass of curly hair. I had heard so much about the TRESemme 7 day smooth system that I decided to give it a try! I wasn't expecting any miracles but the set was a bargain in Tesco so I couldn't resist!

The first day I used it i definitely felt the difference in my hair,straight after I blowdried it! It was smoother & not as frizzy,yay! I then straightened it & fell in love,it had worked! I'm not someone who washes my hair everyday as my hair doesn't need it! I was expecting my hair to get greasy very quickly with all the product i had applied but again,it suprised me & I actually went 2 days without washing it & even then it didn't reallly need to be washed,I just did it because I felt dirty! 
This time I only used the shampoo & conditioner as they state you only need to use the heat treatment once every 7 days. I was ready to apply some but again,my hair didnt need it! 
By day 5 my hair was still smooth & straight as you can see from the pictures above! 

Yesterday I washed my hair & this time applied the heat treatment which achieved smooth locks again. Next time I think I may try not using it to see if it lasts that little bit longer! 

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants smooth straight princess hair :) It honestly feels like I have just stepped out of a salon,without the dent in my bank balance! 

It looks like Tesco have stopped the deal on them now but its worth checking in-store anyway! :)

Buy these products.

Have any of you tried these products? What did you think? :) 
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