Thursday, 10 July 2014

McBusted headline Hyde Park!

I haven't been around long enough on here yet for you all to know that I am MAJOR McFly fan!
I've seen them so many times that i've actually lost count,must be somewhere in the 20's. As a little-un i was also a mega fan of Busted (who wasn't?!). So,of course i was ecstatic when i found out they were forming the supergroup! I went along to their tour in Bournemouth,camped for 27 hours in a carpark to get to the front (not sad,just dedicated ;)). When they announced that they were headlining Hyde Park I just had to go,there was no way I was missing it! 

I managed to persuade my boyfriend to come too,I think it was the fact Backstreet Boys were supporting that he agreed to come ;). My mum & her partner Alf came along too! We set off on the long journey the day before so that we could explore London a little & go on the London Eye which i had never done! We then stopped off in TGI Fridays in Leicester Square for some well deserved food! We then made our way back to Notting Hill where we were staying in an apartment. I had to add the fact we were staying in Notting Hill ;) 

On Sunday morning we awoke bright & early,showered & headed over to Hyde Park where we waited for a few hours,witnessed a pickpocket & scoffed all our food & drink in an hour as food & drink wasn't allowed in! At 1:30 the gates opened & the mad rush began. I don't know about you but I love that part,when everyone starts screaming & rushing,it just adds to the whole atmosphere of the day. Once past security & ticket checks we speed walked to the stage! We managed to find a spot quite close to the stage,the 7 hour wait for McBusted started! Time actually went very quickly as there were lot's of different acts on. Diversity were awesome,we had a good sing-a-long to Scouting for girls whom i love & had a little dance to The Vamp's who I actually think are very good! So did the crowd of young girls! I honestly think they have done very well for themselves & loved seeing all the younger people enjoy them so much as it brought back memories of when i was that age & going crazy over different bands. It started to fill up even more by the time Backstreet Boys were due on knowing McBusted were next on and to also dance around to Backstreet Boys. During their set the heavens opened so we got our poncho's out & carried on dancing! 

Time went very quickly & it was soon time for McBusted to come on,i was getting very excited by then! They played the video of Busted announcing the split and i knew then that they were about to come on in the Dolorean! As i said at the beginning of this post,i have seen them many times but i think this beats any atmosphere at any of the gigs before,it was just amazing! Everything was just bigger & better like the enormous t-shirt gun,the confetti during Crashed the wedding & not forgetting the mini firework display at the end of the set! The most magical part was definitely the double rainbow appearing over the stage during 5 colour's,its as if they planned it! ;) 
I was sad when it was all over but hearing that more songs were to be released & the stage having "to be continued.." wrote across it when they left made me excited about what was next for McBusted! 

Did any of you go to this too? What did you think? :) 
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