Thursday, 3 July 2014

Turkey - Olu Deniz


That's hello in Turkish incase anyone is thinking i've lost it! 
As you may or may not know,last week I went on holiday to Turkey, Olu Deniz. We chose Olu Deniz as it is known for the Blue Lagoon which is beautiful, if you ever visit Turkey i'd definitely recommend Olu Deniz for this reason!  It's also famous for its paragliding if any of you are into extreme sports! Turkey also has so much to do that you're never stuck for trips to go on & explore.


We flew with Thomas Cook but actually booked it with Newells Travel in Truro, they also have other shops around Cornwall. They found us the best deal & we even received a postcard from them when we had arrived home. I highly recommend booking through them if you have them near you! Their website can be found here
We were very lucky with our hotel too as I can honestly say i have no complaints with it at all! We stayed at the Montebello Resort  & would definitely go back there again!

I could write forever about what we did,infact this is my second time writing this out,my last one i deleted as it was waaay to long & would bore you all to sleep! 
So here is what we got up to in pictures! 
 Dalyan Boat trip which took us to the Mudbaths & Turtle Beach. The mudbaths smell like rotten egg for anyone who hasn't been before but is a must do,you can jump into the lake or shower after to rinse it off! ;) We also managed to feed a turtle some crab!
The other trip we went on was to Saklikent Gorge which was quite dangerous & involved a fast flowing river so i didnt take my camera until we got back to the coach & i took some pictures of the awesome restaurant where you can sit with your feet in the water! We also went along to a Carpet making factory & had lunch at a Trout Farm called Yaka Park , check out the link to see how awesome it is! We then headed to the ancient city of Tloss before heading back to the hotel where we found cute hearts made from the towels. 

Next up is our trip to the Blue Lagoon,it was only a 20 minute walk from our hotel & only cost 7 Lira each,you have to pay more for a sunbed & parasol if you want one but we decided to pay 25 Lira to hire a pedalo which i feel was so much better as we got to sunbathe & then jump into the water when it got too hot. Exploring around the blue lagoon by ourselves on a pedalo was awesome too! So awesome that we paid to do it twice!

The rest of our time was spent chilling in the pool,exploring the area,watching the sunsets & buying fake stuff in the markets. Not to forget drinking to many cocktails ending in taking selfies & dancing with turkish men!

It sucked coming back to cold England when the temperature was hitting 40 over there! Definitely going to go back! Maybe not next year but the year after!

Have any of you been to Olu Deniz before? What were your thoughts on it?! 
People who haven't been,definitely consider it! 

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