Saturday, 12 July 2014

Give Me Iron!!

Hi Guys!

So,today I had a few errands to do which I had to literally drag myself out of bed to do! I needed to transfer money to my friends bank account for our spa break we planned last night!! A post will be up about that when we've come back!! Anyway,I had loads of trouble doing it online,which I thought would be quick & easy but I ended up having to take a trip to my bank,on a saturday which is always the worst! Luckily I have a bank outside of the city centre so I didn't have to experience the hustle & bustle of Plymouth city centre on a saturday! I avoid town at the best of times! 

After finally sorting my banking problems out I did a slight detour to Boot's,oops! I have an excuse though,I needed some iron tablets as im anemic but am far to lazy & busy to book an appointment to the doctors to get more iron tablets. I decided to buy some that I have used before & got on with them well. These are the Boot's own Multivitamins with iron,which i feel is better than just iron tablets anyway as they contain more essential nutrients. They actually contain 14 essential nutrients! I'm hoping they help a little until i can find time to get a doctors appointment! 

I also picked up some more cotton wool pads as i ran out today and the new Boot's July/August magazine! See,it was all things i needed therefore i dont feel as bad spending the money! ;)
 I got given a No7 voucher which, up until a few months ago i always used to just throw away because you'll know,if you shop at boots,how often they give these to you! It wasn't until a lovely lady at the checkout told me that i can actually grab a bargain with the No7 skin wipes! They are normally £7 but with the £5 off skincare products they are an awesome £2! So next time you go into Boot's & get given a No7 voucher,pick these up! :) 

 Shopping list:
Click the links below if you're wanting to buy any of these products.

Do any of you suffer from anemia?! If so,which products do you feel help you?
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