Sunday, 11 January 2015

Home Haul 1!!

If you have read my previous post then you would know that this year me & my boyfriend are looking for a place of our own,exciting times! 
Apart from a pretty blue clock from the shop I work in,we haven't started buying anything for when we move out yet! Which in my eyes is crazy considering I work in a homeware shop! 

In the first week of January I visited some family in Bristol with my Dad & my Brother. When my Dad said we were going to head to Ikea & Asda Living on the saturday I saw it as a good chance to pick up a few bits. In my head, whilst walking around all the amazing show rooms in Ikea, I could've spent thousands on all the lovely furniture & storage things but decided to just buy a few essentials to get us started! 
No point in buying furniture until we know what place we're getting & how much room we will have. It did take alot of willpower not to go crazy buying things mind!

I love reading other people's home hauls & getting inspiration so I thought I would start doing them now that I have finally started collecting things! 
If you have come here looking for fancy things for your home then you wont find it in this post im afraid. I am literally just buying the essentials at affordable prices, the expensive things can wait until we have been moved in for a few months & have a bit of extra cash. Plus,I never realised how expensive bath sheets are?! I was lucky & managed to pick up some bargains in Asda Living! Moving out is too expensive to go over the top with expensive home decor etc,for us anyway! :) 

I will leave all prices  & try to find them on the websites to directly link you to find them if you're interested but may find that some things were in the sale,therefore not on the websites! :) 

What I bought:
Brown Hand Towel - Asda £1.50 (not on website)
Brown & Cream Bath Sheet - Asda £3 each (not on website)

Are any of you planning on moving out this year? I'd love to see more home hauls & get inspiration/tips so lets talk! :)
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