Friday, 26 September 2014

Im still here!!

Hey Guys,
Just a quick post to let you all know that I am still here! Life has just been very hectic at the moment as I am currently working 2 jobs which means I am working 7 day weeks with no time to blog or think of ideas of what to blog about! I have been spending any free time I have either relaxing or seeing friends! 

I have also been trying to read a book on my Kindle from the author Ruth Saberton which is called 'Escape for the summer'. I have read a few of Ruth's books before & have loved reading them,I saw that this book was set in Rock & the characters also visit Wadebridge,whilst I am in the middle of moving to Wadebridge I thought this would be a nice book to read to get me all excited for it. It is such an easy & enjoyable read too which is what I need after a long day at work before I go to sleep! The sequel to this book is out in November and will be called 'Escape For Christmas' which I cannot wait to read as I am loving the characters in the Escape books!

Before this book I read her short story which has been released for Halloween,it is called 'Hobb's Cottage' which is set in Cornwall again and based on a real life super natural experience Rith had!  I highly recommend reading it if you need a nice in between books short read. Just don't read it in the dark whilst you're alone like I did as I felt a little scared! 

I was also lucky enough to get an ARC of Ruth's new book named 'Dead Romantic' which is due out on October 2nd. I will hopefully get around to reading this soon and although I am bad at writing book reviews,I may give it a go! :)

Ruth Saberton can be found on her twitter, facebook & her website.

I am normally the type of person who prefers an actual book to my kindle but I have been loving it this month! :) 

Do any of you guys also love Ruth's books?! Which are your favourites? What have you been reading this month?
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