Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Health & Beauty Haul Holiday Style!!

Hey There! 

I am off to Olu Deniz in Turkey on Friday so thought i would share with you some of the health & beauty items i am taking with me on holiday. Not all the stuff im taking is shown as my boyfriend has it all packed in his suitcase,mine is overweight if i pack all the stuff i want to take! ;) Ooop's! I have made it easy for you to have a look/buy these products by adding a link in the title of each product which you can just click on & it takes you straight there! Aren't i nice to you lot?! ;)

Starting off with the most important thing of all when going on holiday is suncream! Suncream is very expensive but its something we all need to protect our skin so i advise to shop around before & find the best deal. It is sometimes best to get it months before the summer period! Maybe like January?! I came across these suncreams in Primark & they were a bargain! £5 a bottle! I was so impressed with this as i would of gone with a Nivea suncream anyways! 
I picked up a 20 & a 15 as i tend to use a higher factor the first couple of days on holiday & then go down a factor once my skin has tanned a little bit. With sun creams i only ever go for the sprays as i feel they are so much better & leave such a pleasurable cooling effect which leaves my skin feeling refreshed & silky. I also find that you never get any white marks on my skin & they absorb quickly into my skin. You may also notice that they are water resistant,such a must have when you're on holiday in & out of the pool all day! To me,i would only ever get the water resistant ones! 
I have also got after sun cream which is packed in the boyfriends case! I always put my after sun in the fridge for when you come back to the hotel burnt & on fire,it feels so refreshing to have it cold!

Next up is Hair Products!
As you can see i have gone for a collection of VO5 products, I have very curly hair which is normally always straightened just because it's easier to tame & control! Recently i have gone with the Ombre look so i have been wearing my hair curly a little bit more & i find that these products have worked the best in taming & controlling my wild hair! Because im going on holiday & it's going to be hot & my hairs going to be constantly wet i need to take these products with me! I mean,who wants to straighten their hair in boiling hot weather?! Not me! 

All products were bought in Boots of course! Got to get my advantage points & use my coupons! ;)

This mousse,i find really defines my curls & stops them going frizzy (which is never a good look). It has a non sticky & weightless feel & also helps protect your hair from heat damage! I run this through towel dried hair & then just let it dry naturally,adding more if i need to as it dries. Although the price says £3.89 in the title i bought it for £2.92 as they have a offer,so get it quickly! ;)

I bought this incase i decided to straighten my hair one evening,always use heat protection when styling ladies! I also may use it to run through when my hairs damp just to illuminate my hair with a nice shine if needed as it smoothes frizz. You can use this on both damp & dry hair & you only need a few drops! It goes a long way :) This was also on sale for £3.14!

VO5 Extra hold hairspray. 100ml 
I was unable to find this on the Boot's website im afraid! Its a mini hairspray,100ml! Which is ideal for taking on holiday! One thing that stood out for me was the 24hr humidity protection as i will need this! It's a fine spray which brushes out easily & is non sticky & flaky! No-one likes a flaky hairspray! 

I'd highly recommend checking out the VO5 website to see what other collections they do & to see whats best for you! :) 

Keeping my make-up to a minimal for holiday,i dont tend to wear much make up anyway but whilst on holiday you only really need it for the evening! Being caked in suncream & being in & out of the water just means theres not much point in make-up! You'd probably sweat it all off in minutes anyways! 

Last but by no means least are these! Although i know i probably wont get hayfever over in Turkey,i dont want to risk it because it will just ruin my holiday! My boyfriend also suffers from it too so its better to be safe than sorry! As im typing this i am currently sat with tissues up both nostrils,leaky eyes & having a sneezing fit. Attractive,NOT! So incase i do get hayfever i picked up some Benadryl from Boots which was buy 1 get a 2nd half price! i bought 2 different ones containing different things just to see which works better tbh!
My team leader has recently been to Turkey & advised me to pick up some Mozzie spray as its pretty bad out there so again i went into Boots & picked up some Repel Insect Repellent Spray.  It was a pricy £7.29,but im gonna need it! I was advised to get a different spray called Jungle Formular which my Boots store didnt have in stock so recommended this one. The Repel has the same amount of Deet (stuff that repels the mozzies) as the Jungle Formular,i think the only difference is that for the Jungle Formula you can get different methods of application like roll on,lotion etc! I will let you know how i get on with it!

That's it folks! I also have a few other bits & bobs like makeup wipes,hairbands,clips etc. Just general things we would all take on holiday! :) Tomorrow i am off to get pampered by my best friend who owns a salon! Leg wax,eyebrow wax & nails done, i cannot wait! May do a blog of that too if i have time tomorrow night inbetween getting ready for holiday!

What do you guys take on holiday with you?! 
Have any of you been to Olu Deniz - Turkey? If so comment & let me know cool things to do & visit! :) 
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